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The Silicon Valley 411 Podcast with Nick and Josh

SV 411 Podcast: Writing in the Age of Trump and East Side Politics

NIX THAT: Nathan Hill’s new novel presaged Trump.

Writers are absolutely necessary in the age or Trump. That’s the focus of this week’s Metro cover story, a profile of Nathan Hill, author of the groundbreaking novel The Nix.

SV411 EP007 2017 Is This Opera?

HIP-HOPERA: Alexandra Sessler and Carlos Aguirre are working with Opera Cultura to achieve a new vision of what the art form might be.

Josh and Nick discuss a new book by Stanford law professor Mugambe Jouet about the legacy of the idea of American exceptionalism, as well as this week’s “I Saw You” about an apparently racist tech bro. Plus, this week’s cover story: About a number of local arts organizations attempting to change the way people think about opera.

SV411 EP007 2017 Comedy Sportz & Gary Singh

FUNNYMAN: Comedy Sportz founder Jeff Kramer celebrates 30 years of competitive comedy.

The Fourth of July holiday is nearly upon us. The SV 411 podcast celebrates the annual freedom hoedown spectacular by welcoming columnist Gary Singh to the program.

SV411 EP006 2017 Chris Hardwick & ID10T Fest

Josh and Nick discuss this weekend’s ID10T Festival, organized by comedian and king of the nerds, Chris Hardwick. Also: “Brotopia”—how Silicon Valley’s tech elite plan to live forever.

SV411 EP005 2017 SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia

GOOD COP: Josh talks with SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia in this week’s podcast.

The SV411 podcast is heating up just in time for summer, which is to say Metro editors Josh Koehn and Nick Veronin talked themselves into heat stroke.

SV411 EP004 – Bars and Clubs

Ooof! Anybody have any ibuprofen? We tied one on last night with the Barfly boys—a.k.a. Tomek Mackowiak and Jeremiah Harada. We brought our intrepid drinking duo to discuss their latest column—which ran in this week’s Bars and Clubs issue of Metro. We also went over the Hit List, highlighting a trio of upcoming events—Strata at…

SV411 EP003 Ro Khanna, Hawaiian Princes, and Premium Rap Beef


The SV411 podcast takes a decidedly political turn this week, and not just because Trump turned the country’s back on science. We welcome special guest Congressman Ro Khanna to the program. In a free-flowing discussion recorded earlier this week, Rep. Khanna and editor Josh Koehn discuss the president’s disastrous trip to Europe, the Paris Climate…

SV411 EP001 – Summer Guide

Summer Guide just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love. We get a new name and a new numbering system. Nick and Josh talk about whats happening for Summer in Silicon Valley Interview with Cellista ©metroactive

SV411 EP000 – Flare Up

Local artists stand up poet Mighty Mike McGee and humorist Ato Walker join Josh and Nick to discuss: Silicon Valley Flare Up What’s so great about California Why Pizza Hut will never sponsor us.