SV411 EP015 Fall Arts + Hammer Theater’s Chris Burrill

Fall is always a busy time for the local arts community, which is why this week’s Metro SV411 Podcast turns an eye toward the future.  This week’s issue looked at upcoming music, theater, film and arts-related events, as well as a deep dive into the resurrection of one of San Jose’s biggest music venues. Arts…

SV411 EP014 2017 Sam Liccardo + A Slice of New York’s Co-Op Plan

FAIR SHARE: A Slice of New York is now allowing its employees to participate in the company as a co-op and share in the profits. Photo by Greg Ramar.

A Slice of New York is, depending on who you ask (Josh, looking at you), perhaps the best pizza joint in San Jose. Now, they want to be the most progressive. On this week’s SV411 Podcast we discuss ASONY’s plan to share their company with their employees, turning the organization into a co-op.

Also, Josh talks with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, and the Hit List includes Silicon Valley Music & Taco Fest, an outdoor screening of “Nacho Libre” and how to safely view Monday’s solar eclipse.

SV411 EP013 2017 George Clinton + SJZ Summer Fest

HE’S GOT THE FUNK: George Clinton headlines San Jose Jazz Summer Fest.

None other than Dr. Funkenstein joins us for this highly musical edition of the SV411 Podcast. This week Nick and Josh talk about the return of the annual San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, and Nick is joined by Parliament-Funkadelic ringleader George Clinton. Also: Kendrick Lamar, Atmosphere, Willie Nelson, and the San Jose couple who bought a San Francisco street.

SV411 EP012 2017 San Jose Light Tower + Steve Borkenhagen

LIGHT TOWER TRIO: Jon Ball, Steve Borkenhagen and Thomas Wohlmut have formed a nonprofit corporation and hope to raise funds to rebuild an iconic historical structure, with a new twist. (Photo by Greg Ramar)

When Josh is away, Nick and Jennifer take the reins of the SV411 Podcast.

On this week’s episode, we discuss the incident involving a Campbell police officer who held two drivers at gunpoint in Hollister; the fractious Milpitas City Council; the plan to rebuild the San Jose Light Tower and give the Capital of Silicon Valley the landmark it deserves; and go over a few items to check out this weekend.

SV411 EP011 2017 ‘Nobody Speak’ + Maxwell Borkenhagen

SHHHH: Peter Thiel used his deep pockets to put Gawker out of business. Who’s next?

The news is absolutely insane these days. Like. Every. Single. Day. And yet, the media suffers—from declining ad revenues, for one, and also from a sustained attack from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But Donald Trump isn’t the only billionaire (ahem… “billionaire?”) using his status to undermine news organizations with which he disagrees.

SV411 EP010 2017 SV Beer Week + Ben Henderson

FOSTER THE PEEPS: Heinz Jones, co-owner for Forager, believes the South Bay beer and culinary scene is prime for expansion. Photo by Greg Ramar.

Silicon Valley Beer Week is back for the fifth year. Josh and Nick discuss the science of sour brew, the SVBW kickoff party at Forager Tasting Room + Eatery and many more events all over the South Bay. All this, plus a conversation with local artist and musician Ben Henderson. He is responsible for a great deal of the downtown San Jose aesthetic and will be opening up for Blues Traveler at Music in the Park.

SV 411 Podcast: Writing in the Age of Trump and East Side Politics

NIX THAT: Nathan Hill’s new novel presaged Trump.

Writers are absolutely necessary in the age or Trump. That’s the focus of this week’s Metro cover story, a profile of Nathan Hill, author of the groundbreaking novel The Nix.

SV411 EP007 2017 Is This Opera?

HIP-HOPERA: Alexandra Sessler and Carlos Aguirre are working with Opera Cultura to achieve a new vision of what the art form might be.

Josh and Nick discuss a new book by Stanford law professor Mugambe Jouet about the legacy of the idea of American exceptionalism, as well as this week’s “I Saw You” about an apparently racist tech bro. Plus, this week’s cover story: About a number of local arts organizations attempting to change the way people think about opera.

SV411 EP007 2017 Comedy Sportz & Gary Singh

FUNNYMAN: Comedy Sportz founder Jeff Kramer celebrates 30 years of competitive comedy.

The Fourth of July holiday is nearly upon us. The SV 411 podcast celebrates the annual freedom hoedown spectacular by welcoming columnist Gary Singh to the program.

SV411 EP006 2017 Chris Hardwick & ID10T Fest

Josh and Nick discuss this weekend’s ID10T Festival, organized by comedian and king of the nerds, Chris Hardwick. Also: “Brotopia”—how Silicon Valley’s tech elite plan to live forever.