SV411 EP011 2017 ‘Nobody Speak’ + Maxwell Borkenhagen

SHHHH: Peter Thiel used his deep pockets to put Gawker out of business. Who’s next?

The news is absolutely insane these days. Like. Every. Single. Day. And yet, the media suffers—from declining ad revenues, for one, and also from a sustained attack from 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. But Donald Trump isn’t the only billionaire (ahem… “billionaire?”) using his status to undermine news organizations with which he disagrees.

This week’s cover story by Richard von Busack takes a look at the recently released Netflix-produced documentary, “Nobody Speak: Trials of the Free Press,” follows a number of high profile cases involving ultra-wealthy individuals, using their assets to mold the news the way they see fit. From Peter Thiel’s revenge-funding of the Hulk Hogan vs. Gawker lawsuit to Sheldon Adelson’s take over of the “Las Vegas Review-Journal,” the documentary explores this practice and outlines its potential consequences.

Josh and Nick discuss the cover story, review the week’s news and go over this weekend’s Hit List.

Also, we are totally jazzed this week. San Jose Jazz Summer Fest is right around the corner, but before that, it’s Café Stritch’s annual Rahsaanathon, which celebrates the life and music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk. Nick is joined by Café Stritch’s artistic director, Maxwell Borkenhagen, for a discussion of Kirk and the yearly concert series.

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