SV411 EP026 Rehab Gone Rogue + Jennifer Wadsworth

ROCK BOTTOM: Drug-fueled parties. Forced labor. Damning allegations shut down a San Jose rehab center—but the operators dispute the charges and are back in business. Photo by Greg Ramar.

This week on the SV411 Podcast, Metro staffer Jennifer Wadsworth returns to discuss her latest cover story, “Rehab Gone Rogue,” which tells the story of a local drug rehab center with a sordid history. According to court documents and on-record allegations, patients seeking treatment at Life Choices found themselves thrust into situations—such as being forced to work at hard-drinking bars—where their recovery was put into jeopardy.

After Life Choices was shut down in 2014, the man in charge of the operation, Richard Franko, managed to open a new rehab center called Red Road Recovery. Sources say he is profiting from others’ addictions. He says he’s being unjustly vilified.

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