SV411 EP004 – Bars and Clubs

Ooof! Anybody have any ibuprofen? We tied one on last night with the Barfly boys—a.k.a. Tomek Mackowiak and Jeremiah Harada. We brought our intrepid drinking duo to discuss their latest column—which ran in this week’s Bars and Clubs issue of Metro.

We also went over the Hit List, highlighting a trio of upcoming events—Strata at The Ritz, The Toxic Avenger at San Jose Stage Company and Future plus Migos playing at Shoreline. Grab a pint and listen up, because things are about to get weird—and philosophical—and all that good stuff.


Nick and Josh Clunk Cups

Nick and Josh Clunk Cups over the 2017 Bars and Clubs issue


Bars and clubs 2017

Beer and News in the 2017 Annual Bars and Clubs issue

Tomek and Mr Harada talk Bars and Club 2017 with Nick and Josh

Thanks to Tomek and Mr Harada for bringing the delicious samples.

Produced by Josh Koehn, Nick Veronin

Production Assistance by Chris Giancaterino



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