SV411 EP005 2017 SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia

GOOD COP: Josh talks with SJPD Chief Eddie Garcia in this week’s podcast.

The SV411 podcast is heating up just in time for summer, which is to say Metro editors Josh Koehn and Nick Veronin talked themselves into heat stroke.This week’s podcast features an extensive interview with San Jose Police Chief Eddie Garcia, who shares his thoughts on police shootings, mental illness, gun control, the Black Lives Matter movement, Colin Kaepernick and the chief’s plans to become a high school football coach after retiring from the SJPD.

Nick and Josh also discuss the massive San Jose-Google deal that could transform downtown San Jose, as well as more political drama in Milpitas—this time involving a private eye spying on staff.

We also touch on big shows to look for this week, including Ziggy Marley, Brad Paisley, the Fountain Blues Fest and a stage performance of The Graduate.

What could go wrong?

Special Thanks to Police Chief Eddie Garcia and Dana Sasser

Produced by Josh Koehn, Nick Veronin

Production Assistance by Chris Giancaterino

Music by The Armature


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